My Skincare Secrets Revealed!

Great makeup application starts with skin care! I used to not value this fact until around 2 years ago. I’m spilling ALL of my secrets after struggling for years (and wasting money) to find all of the product I have to treat my concerns with my skin.

I used to hate skincare because I felt like nothing, NOTHING, ever worked. Even when applying make up I would still notice uneven texture and going without makeup (even to the grocery store) was an unbearable thought. One day at work this all changed when my friend, a cosmetics manager, forced me to sit in a chair and have a facial treatment. I started to feel pampered and special and thought I should always treat my skin well. So that day I decided to invest in Dr. Dennis Gross products  that I had never tried after hearing finally a pitch that made sense and was backed by ingredients aside from salicylic acid (the status quo of managing problematic skin). I was terrified and didn’t have high hopes since everything I tried produced lack-luster results.  Yet a few weeks I started to notice that this Dr. Dennis stuff actually works.

Last year I ventured into the Mario Badescu and started to fall in love with it. There is a variety of products that I’ve tried and that have made it into my daily routine giving me some good results. Also, it has a charming simplistic & hipster vibe; oh, and yes the price is good. Currently Dr. Dennis Gross and Mario Badescu products fuel my addiction to skin care.

All of my skin care secrets are for combination skin.My main concerns I had trouble finding products and a regiment to address before are the following: even tone & texture, even moisture distribution, improving hyper-pigmentation, managing breakouts, refining pores/pore reduction, deep pore cleansing, and preventing premature aging signs (in the past year).



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