Blonde Bombshell Wigs

IMG_7284My own journey has been quite the journey and can be a separate post alone . As much as I love wearing my natural hair & curls I really minimize the amount of chemical and heat manipulation I do to my hair. I’ve been craving a change in hair color for some months now and luckily I have wigs to the rescue to help.

Blonde wigs have been my THING lately! I love ombre blonde wigs because they are so gorgeous when the color is on point! I mostly use ombre colors because they give you color and are easy to pull off! I have 2 blonde wigs that I’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of compliments  on that I will share with you today. Both will have full YouTube reviews at the end of this post for you to check out!

The first video below features the Bobbi Boss Misha Wig. It is a lace front wig with synthetic hair fibers. She is a straight hair unit and the blond color (TT6/1010) leans towards the ashier side. The roots of this wig are a dark brown. This hair isn’t super voluminous, which can be a con because you don’t want a thin wig if you have a larger head; nevertheless the look is very sleek. I do have a larger head and I do not mind this density.

The second video features the Zury Sis Slay Olive Wig. This is another synthetic lace front wig. This style has BEAUTIFUL waves to it and lovely volume. Out of the 2 wigs this one is my personal favorite. This blonde color (SOM RT Pearl Blonde) is more creamy compared to Misha and the roots are darker.

Both wigs are heat safe up to 350 degrees fahrenheit. I rarely put heat to synthetic wigs that already have wave or curls. I have used heat tools on straight styles just to sleek them out a little more.

The best benefit is the price! These wigs won’t have you forking over too many coins to look fabulous and are usually available for under $40.

Check out the 2 videos below for more information and an up-close look at these wigs.

xoxo Anissa



Divatress Affordable Wig Review Pt 1


I don’t hide my love for affordable wigs, in fact I celebrate it proudly. I’ve been wearing synthetic lace front wigs for a little over a year and have reviewed a ton in different styles, lengths, and hair colors. I have been able to satisfy my desire to be versatile without breaking the bank or damaging my hair by wearing wigs. sent me a unit to review and I was overjoyed. Before I speak on the wig, let me reassure you that this site has a TON of affordable wig options, so check them out here.

The first wig I reviewed on my YouTube Channel is the  Isis Brown Sugar Lace Front Wig BS219 and you can shop the wig here. I’ve included my list of pros, cons, and styling tips and please watch my un-boxing and try-on as well below.


  1. Price is $40 super affordable
  2. Color on the wig is amazing and perfectly blended
  3. The wig shape is an angled bob with flattering layers.
  4. The lace on this wig is super soft and blends well!
  5. Did not have to pluck the part at all. Sometimes the part is too dense and has to be plucked with tweezers.
  6. Large head friendly!


  1. I wish the back of the wig was denser.
  2. The curls fell easy when I picked them apart by hand.
  3. This wig doesn’t state being heat friendly and says that the hair blend is called human hair style-mix; very confusing.

Styling Tips:

  1. I picked out the curls to achieve more volume and desired texture.
  2. I also sheared the side bang so it will lay perfectly.
  3. I added my concealer to the part to define it more