Date Night Glam


Are you ready for some glam to get you ready for Valentine’s Day or even a night out with friends? The other week I created this date night look (photo above) on my YouTube channel. I really like this look and it’s pretty easy to wear even if you’re not into too much color. My tip to experiment with more rich/bold eye looks is to balance your overall look with a more neutral lip color. The lip color that I’m wearing is NARS Slow Ride. This is one of my favorites and pretty much the perfect nude (I would toss all of my others to keep this one). Also the formula for a liquid lipstick is so amazing and nothing I have compares to it. The palette I used is only $12 and compared to the colors found in the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette.

Below is the tutorial where I show you how to achieve the look. The great thing is that you can follow at your own speed and it’s like we’re doing our makeup together.


Products Used


  • Athena Palette (Shop Hush App here)
  • NXY HD Eyeshadow Primer here


  • La Femme Blush in Grape here
  • Wet-n-Wild Crown of My Canopy here
  • Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation & Match Sticks (not shown in tutorial)


  • Chestnut Liner here
  • NARS Slow Ride here

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Nordstrom Rack Haul | Budget Fashionista


Hey babes!!! I love being able to shop without breaking the bank!

I always loved to follow trends, and I’ve always been a admirer of designer & trendy fashion. While I love fashion my mom and I didn’t have a large budget for it. I wasn’t the cool girl in school wearing Coogi, Dooney & Burke, Coach, or Ecko… so needless to say I had to learn how to work with what we had in the bank.

I knew how to spot quality pieces and determine when to save, splurge, and/or pass. So how do I shop?!

I tend to not invest too many coins into trendy pieces for clothing. I splurge on bags and accessories every now and then.  I tend to try to find designer inspired shoes.  For splurges I tend to think about the cost per wear (CPW) to see if it’s really worth it. For example a pair of classic black pumps for $100 that you can wear to work 3 times per week for a year will be a CPW of 64 cents. (100/3= $33.34 per day and $33.34 per day/52 weeks = $0.64) Hope that makes sense 😉

My go to place for fashion at a price is Nordstrom Rack. I have done a lot of budget shopping at Nordstrom Rack for years and it’s worked quite well for me because I can find what I need to cure my fashion addidction.  I was always able to find quality for a decent price at Nordstrom Rack. I also love that you can shop Nordstrom Rack online.

Where is your favorite place to shop deals?!

❤Items I was able to find online!❤
Dual Nature Kimono here |Lush Dress here | BP. Cardigan here | Slippers here | Shoes here 

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Glam DIY on Vans | Affordable Style

I’ve affordably transformed my classic Vans into “Glam Vans” with some fun patches for less than $10 that you can do too!

How did I get this idea? I got the idea when I spotted some cool patchwork Van on a colleague at work  and learned that she DIY’d it. Immediately I knew that I had to recreate them with my own twist. I love how embroidery patch work has been trending in a major way so it’s an easy way to give a classic pair of Vans a more “designer aesthetic.” I went to Amazon and picked out patches that represented me and had a super glamorous look; trust me there are endless amounts of options for patches so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect ones for you!

In the video below I’m showing you  how to glam out your own Vans and I hope you do too! You can shop the items in the links below the video too. Don’t forget to go to my YouTube Channel and subscribe! Thank you for the support 🙂

xoxo Anissa




Slip-on Vans in black
Fabric Spray Silver Shrimmer
Fabric Pen White


All products featured in this video were purchased by the creator of the video.

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Beauty Bite: 7 LIT AF Highlighting Hacks!

Who else is addicted to highlighter?!?! I own a variety of products that to keep my glow game LIT AF! I love highlighting hacks because they take my highlight to a new level…  so naturally I must share with you all because I love you all and am obsessed with keeping my A Gang glamorous! Side note: if you are reading/following my  blog and/or subscribed to my YouTube channel you’re apart of the A Gang. You’re welcome xoxo

Hack 1 Prime to Glow: Add a glow to your favorite primer to get the glow from within look. The technique is to mix a liquid highlighter (or event a loose pigment) with your favorite primer or you can try a primer that is a radiance formula (aka they put the highlight in for you). My current favorite radiant primer is by Smashbox which you can buy here ; I like to even wear it alone on a minimal day and it is also great for photography makeup.

Hack 2 Foundation Glow Bomb: Mixing a liquid highlighter into my foundation to give a glow from within. The NYX Liquid Highlighter is so affordable and perfect shade range for all skin tone Check it out my tutorial when I use this hack here

Hack 3 Lit Up Moisturizer: I add a little bit of pigment to a moisturizer for the days I go without makeup. You can also scrap a little highlighter out of the pan and sprinkle it into a moisturizer too. I love to do this with lotion so I achieve a healthy glow. I usually use the Mel

Hack 4 Glow Intensifying Facial Mist: If you want to amp up your setting spray then add pigment to it. I have a mixture of 3 pigments ranging from rose golds to golds in MAC Fix +, shake to mix, and spray after applying my makeup.

Hack 5 Oil + Highlighter = Dewy Amp Up: This is my latest discovery and boy does it enhance the skin. After my foundation is complete I add 2 drops of my Smashbox Primer Oil to beauty blender and dab it on my cheekbones. I go over it with my powder highlighter, then melt it into the skin with the same beauty blender and lastly add one highlighter to amp it up. By the way you can do this to pop you collar bones and shoulders which is amazing when you wear off-the-shoulder tops.

Hack 6 Shoulder Highlight: A body glow in my opinion is equally important as blending your foundation to your neck. I like to use a fluffy fan brush and dust the high points of my shoulders, collar bones, and even boobs.

Bonus Tip! I always melt the highlighter into the skin with a beauty blender! This blending technique will ALWAYS leave your highlighter flawless and avoid the streaky look. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Check out my favorite highlighters here. P.S. for these formulas listed there is a shade perfect for every skin tone, but the shade I use will be in parenthesis.

  1. Carli Bybel Palette (this is an amazing value to get both shadows and highlighters)
  2. Laura Mercier Face Illuminator (Addiction)
  3. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Radiance
  4. Smashbox Highlighter palette
  5. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (Bronze)
  6. NYX Born to Glow Liquid highlighter (Gleam & Sun Goddess)
  7. MAC Cream Color Base ” Hush”
  8. Smashbox Primer Oil
  9. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (Champange Pop)


My Skincare Secrets Revealed!

Great makeup application starts with skin care! I used to not value this fact until around 2 years ago. I’m spilling ALL of my secrets after struggling for years (and wasting money) to find all of the product I have to treat my concerns with my skin.

I used to hate skincare because I felt like nothing, NOTHING, ever worked. Even when applying make up I would still notice uneven texture and going without makeup (even to the grocery store) was an unbearable thought. One day at work this all changed when my friend, a cosmetics manager, forced me to sit in a chair and have a facial treatment. I started to feel pampered and special and thought I should always treat my skin well. So that day I decided to invest in Dr. Dennis Gross products  that I had never tried after hearing finally a pitch that made sense and was backed by ingredients aside from salicylic acid (the status quo of managing problematic skin). I was terrified and didn’t have high hopes since everything I tried produced lack-luster results.  Yet a few weeks I started to notice that this Dr. Dennis stuff actually works.

Last year I ventured into the Mario Badescu and started to fall in love with it. There is a variety of products that I’ve tried and that have made it into my daily routine giving me some good results. Also, it has a charming simplistic & hipster vibe; oh, and yes the price is good. Currently Dr. Dennis Gross and Mario Badescu products fuel my addiction to skin care.

All of my skin care secrets are for combination skin.My main concerns I had trouble finding products and a regiment to address before are the following: even tone & texture, even moisture distribution, improving hyper-pigmentation, managing breakouts, refining pores/pore reduction, deep pore cleansing, and preventing premature aging signs (in the past year).



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Valentine’s Day Glam

Whether you’re going out with a new boo, your main flame, or just with your girls you want to look your best for Valentine’s Day, right? Right! The key to any glam look is to enhance your inner sexy goddess personality. Some of us gals are a fierce and smoking type of sexy, it almost makes you a tad uncomfortable, but in the best way. While on the other hand, some of us are a little more the sweet type of sexy. The palette that will unleash all sorts of glam is the Lorac Unzipped Palette. It’s been the answer to unleashing my inner goddess lately. The quality, pigment, and ease of blending is GRADE A and the shade range is exactly what you need. I can go from office to bad-ass and everything in between. So, in shorter words YOU NEED THIS PALETTE!


In honor of Valentine’s Day (aka Singles Appreciation Day) I got inspired to create 2 looks using this holy grail of a palette. Grab a box of chocolates, watch and enjoy! Click here to buy or usually you can find this at your local Ulta 😉


Get Your Wig On

I won’t lie, I’ve been fascinated with the seeing versatility that King Kylie herself has been able to achieve with a few good ass wigs and unconventional hair color. Why? Because I too want to have green hair somedays (seriously I do) and a good blowout. I want this luxury without the hefty price tag or seeing all of my hair on the floor.

A little background about my hair is that it is mostly unprocessed, like a little grown-out hair color from last year, without any chemical processing; aka a relaxer. So to get my hair colored will cause damage, and to get it straight takes about 4 hours. Ain’t nobody got time for that! A wig like the one Kylie and other popular Instagram gals wear off a lot of style options with out damaging a girl’s home-grown locks. Nevertheless these beautiful wigs can retail in the range of $300 or more. Yup… just google virgin hair wigs if you think I’m kidding. Le sigh…

I usually take to Youtube when researching any beauty hack, so my search continued there where I found a possible solution. My research led me to the alternative; a synthetic hair wig. Now while these looked beautiful on other girls on Youtube, I personally grew up terrified of due to the ghastly appearance of plastic looking hair 😦  One bad hair day + tight budget while away from home led me to the beauty store where I resorted to trying on a synthetic wig. I was scared and sure I would not have any luck, well I was wrong. Updated technology has made synthetic hair fibers look better than ever! What a pleasant surprise 🙂 Below in the video I’m showing and telling how I snatched my own Kylie-inspired hair style for a whole lot less! Click, watch and enjoy!