Divatress Affordable Wig Review Pt 1


I don’t hide my love for affordable wigs, in fact I celebrate it proudly. I’ve been wearing synthetic lace front wigs for a little over a year and have reviewed a ton in different styles, lengths, and hair colors. I have been able to satisfy my desire to be versatile without breaking the bank or damaging my hair by wearing wigs.

Divatress.com sent me a unit to review and I was overjoyed. Before I speak on the wig, let me reassure you that this site has a TON of affordable wig options, so check them out here.

The first wig I reviewed on my YouTube Channel is the  Isis Brown Sugar Lace Front Wig BS219 and you can shop the wig here. I’ve included my list of pros, cons, and styling tips and please watch my un-boxing and try-on as well below.


  1. Price is $40 super affordable
  2. Color on the wig is amazing and perfectly blended
  3. The wig shape is an angled bob with flattering layers.
  4. The lace on this wig is super soft and blends well!
  5. Did not have to pluck the part at all. Sometimes the part is too dense and has to be plucked with tweezers.
  6. Large head friendly!


  1. I wish the back of the wig was denser.
  2. The curls fell easy when I picked them apart by hand.
  3. This wig doesn’t state being heat friendly and says that the hair blend is called human hair style-mix; very confusing.

Styling Tips:

  1. I picked out the curls to achieve more volume and desired texture.
  2. I also sheared the side bang so it will lay perfectly.
  3. I added my concealer to the part to define it more



Get Your Wig On

I won’t lie, I’ve been fascinated with the seeing versatility that King Kylie herself has been able to achieve with a few good ass wigs and unconventional hair color. Why? Because I too want to have green hair somedays (seriously I do) and a good blowout. I want this luxury without the hefty price tag or seeing all of my hair on the floor.

A little background about my hair is that it is mostly unprocessed, like a little grown-out hair color from last year, without any chemical processing; aka a relaxer. So to get my hair colored will cause damage, and to get it straight takes about 4 hours. Ain’t nobody got time for that! A wig like the one Kylie and other popular Instagram gals wear off a lot of style options with out damaging a girl’s home-grown locks. Nevertheless these beautiful wigs can retail in the range of $300 or more. Yup… just google virgin hair wigs if you think I’m kidding. Le sigh…

I usually take to Youtube when researching any beauty hack, so my search continued there where I found a possible solution. My research led me to the alternative; a synthetic hair wig. Now while these looked beautiful on other girls on Youtube, I personally grew up terrified of due to the ghastly appearance of plastic looking hair 😦  One bad hair day + tight budget while away from home led me to the beauty store where I resorted to trying on a synthetic wig. I was scared and sure I would not have any luck, well I was wrong. Updated technology has made synthetic hair fibers look better than ever! What a pleasant surprise 🙂 Below in the video I’m showing and telling how I snatched my own Kylie-inspired hair style for a whole lot less! Click, watch and enjoy!

L’oreal La Palette Nude2 {review and swatches on dark skin}

Drug store makeup companies have literally STEPPED the game completely up! Well FI-NA-LLY!


I usually wear a mixture of high-end and drug store makeup, well mostly drug store lipstick, so I’m happy to see palettes start hit the scene. I never purchased the drug store palettes before and I guess it’s because I have high end palettes from both Smashbox and Urban Decay; therefore never really gave it a thought to try a drug store palette…. but that changed. When I saw the L’oreal palette the total appearance of the palette caught my eye. Sometimes the quads from drug store makeup brands look, well, cheesey, and the others that look nice I just wonder if they will look good on my skin tone. I’m always cautious in purchasing ANY palette, let alone a drug store since I can’t swatch it in store, because I don’t want them to look ashy or overall unflattering for my skin tone. So it took an hour of walking around Target to convince me to take a risk and try the palette. The Palette was $16 USD for me in Target, I’ve seen on other blogs that it being priced at around $20 USD. So here’s a look at the palette below!


So the palette has 10 colors. These are all rosey, cool tones, so yes it reminds me of the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. I like to think of the selection of these colors in the palette as an extension of the UD Naked 3 Palette, not a dupe per say.  There are 4 shimmer colors and 6 mattes. I love the fact that the shimmers are flaky at all. The over all consistency & formula of the shadows are perfect, they blend easily and the pigmentation is decent. If you want to the color to sit more strongly on your eye I suggest not only a primer, but also a dense brush for application.

20150610_181324t_wm 20150610_181736t_wm


Colors 1 through 5 on my hand without primer.


Colors 6 through 10 on my hand without primer.

Tell me, have you tried any drug store palettes? If so, which is your favorite?!?! I hope you’re as excited as I am to see what else is next for drug store makeup as we see that fabulous makeup doesn’t have to cost a fortune nowadays. If you would like to get the palette yourself, check it out here.

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See you soon glamazons!



How to Wear a Rebecca Minkoff 5-Zip

I love anything that can be worn multiple ways, don’t you?!? It feels like I’m getting my money’s worth! The infamous Rebecca Minkoff 5-zip cross body is one of those items that will make you feel exactly like that. Check out my video below to learn the 3 ways you can wear this bag and look great doing it and shop the bag here 🙂

Foundation Refresh


Every now and then you have to hit the refresh button on your makeup staples. For Summer I had to ditch, only momentarily, my Makeup For Ever HD foundation for something new. I had to try the TARTE Amazonian Clay 12 HR Full Coverage SPF 15 foundation, whew that’s a lengthy name. I’m loving my new foundation! I like that it already has a sunscreen into the formula, and that is great for living South Florida where the sun is a BEAST! The Amazonian clay formula packs 5 benefits that attracted me to this foundation: nuetralizes complexion, longevity (hence the 12-hr), combined with the pigments give a true color, broad color spectrum, and sustainable harvesting for the ingredients (for more info about Amazonian clay visit here).

I also bought the Clean Slate Flawless 12-hr Brightening Primer. I’ve been loyal to my Revlon Primer, but I decided to change the type of primer I usually go for. My former primer targeted pore appearance. This primer is an illuminating formula. This works well for those who deal with hyper-pigmentation since it will brighten the skin and even tone.

See my updated foundation routine below. I have an awesome application method that you’ll love!

*Both products were personally purchased from Sephora.

Lilly Lashes!!!

Wearing the Lilly Lashes in Istanbul.

Wearing the Lilly Lashes in Istanbul.

A product that I’m completely loving is Lilly Lashes by Lilly Ghalichi! These lashes are super fun to wear and absolutely great quality with a good price.  All over Instagram makeup artists and makeup fanatics are raving about House of Lashes, but nevertheless Lilly Lashes are starting to create a buzz. Now this buzz is one to pay attention to… If you haven’t heard about these lashes you need to know about them!

I LOOOOVE wearing eyelashes, even though I don’t wear them daily. Eyelashes can complete a look and take it to the next level. I’ve been waiting to try Lilly Lashes for a while and finally I was able to get my hands on a couple of pairs of these babies!!! They were worth the wait! I am impressed with the quality of these lashes and how they blend in with my own lashes without much extra work. I also love the weight when I’m wearing these lashes, they are feather-light!!! The price of these lashes, $6.99. surprised me. I was anticipating for the price to be inflated just because it is a celebrity brand.photo 2 (2)

Even more awesome is that the other week I was able to attend a event at the Alene Too boutique in Boca Raton. The event was a Lilly GhalichI Trunk Show for her swimwear line and eye lashes. This is when I purchased my first, but not last, sets of Lilly Lashes. At the trunk show I met Lilly, also I met celebrity makeup artist and hair stylist Etienne Ortega. Both Lilly and Etienne were amazing to meet. They have great personalities and very happy to meet the attendees of the event. This was a completely memorable experience that I’ll never forget.

To purchase your own set of Lilly Lashes go to the website here.

photo 1 (2)