Why the name Lipstick and Anissa? Well it sums up my life. Growing up a native Floridian in Daytona Beach, I always felt my best when I went to dance class outside of my “standard” academic school life. In dance I was able to transform into a more glamorous version of myself when I put on my lipstick before performances and bring my inner-glam out. As a teenager, I always sought out a new makeup from the MAC counter at the mall with my extra money and I was known for always having the best makeup collection among my dance friends. I was always happy to pass on beauty, makeup, and fashion (in later years) tips and enjoyed styling my friends for events. This characteristic is something I lovingly inherited from my cousin who is a hair stylist. Until this day I will stop everything to make sure any person I connect with feels their best and that the inner personality shines with makeup & fashion.

Currently I still reside in Florida, but now I balance bringing out my inner-glamour with working as a department manager in the retail world.

I have a growing Youtube channel where I share my beauty and fashion; this blog is the brains behind it! Here I will share even more details behind what you see on Youtube channel, and hopefully you will get to know me a little more!

Anissa xoxo

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