Glam DIY on Vans | Affordable Style

I’ve affordably transformed my classic Vans into “Glam Vans” with some fun patches for less than $10 that you can do too!

How did I get this idea? I got the idea when I spotted some cool patchwork Van on a colleague at work  and learned that she DIY’d it. Immediately I knew that I had to recreate them with my own twist. I love how embroidery patch work has been trending in a major way so it’s an easy way to give a classic pair of Vans a more “designer aesthetic.” I went to Amazon and picked out patches that represented me and had a super glamorous look; trust me there are endless amounts of options for patches so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect ones for you!

In the video below I’m showing you  how to glam out your own Vans and I hope you do too! You can shop the items in the links below the video too. Don’t forget to go to my YouTube Channel and subscribe! Thank you for the support 🙂

xoxo Anissa




Slip-on Vans in black
Fabric Spray Silver Shrimmer
Fabric Pen White


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