Always Red



I have a pure love for lip color! Tonight I was pondering getting MAC Ruby Woo as the perfect red that I’m currently craving. I have other shades of red but I’m want to start wearing a classic matte blue-red more often.
Now I googled drugstore dupes for Ruby Woo since I always look to drugstore options, then I came across a gem of dupe knowledge, Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red. That’s when I had an ah ha moment… I OWN THIS! I bought it the other year, but completely forgot about this in my collection. While this isn’t a drugstore dupe, it is being resourceful and using what you already have vs makeup hoarding. This is part of my New Year Resolution 🙂
Like Ruby Woo, Always Red is a true matte blue-red! The pay-off is AMAZING and goes on opaque from the beginning, because it’s a cream lip stain. This shade compliments a multitude of skin tones since it’s a blue-red. The price is $13 which is $2 less than Ruby Woo. Even though it’s not the budget saver drugstore dupe we all love, this is worth adding to your collection and has my stamp of approval!


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