Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes @ Nordstrom


Mark your calendars because SJP Shoes are hitting Nordstrom EXCLUSIVELY February 28th!!!

I went to Glamour to take a sneak peek at 5 shoes from the line and I can say I’m half in love with them. Here’s the skinny of what I like and don’t like…

I like that the designs are wearable and authentic to Sarah, so it’s easy to see her hand was heavy in the process of creating the shoes. That’s something I really love to see since with so many celeb lines it’s sometimes hard to tell if they even hard a part in the design process.

I don’t like the price point! I understand the reason why designer shoes are priced the way they are… But at the $195-$500 price point it’s not completely accessible to a segment of the market that she could really use to build the brand. That’s just my opinion.

It’s obvious that her character Carrie Bradshaw was a muse to Sarah designing the line! There’s even a beautiful t-strap pump names after the infamous Sex in the City character! It’s probably my favorite that I’ve seen since this pump is classic and the perfect nude for spring. Only one question remains… Will you buy?


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