Make Things Happen

In the past 4 months I’ve gone through a period of reconstruction. Inevitably life forces these moments upon you, where you have to decide to grow. Finding a path to a career that you have been dreaming about is a beautiful gift that blossoms from patience, perseverance and determination. I decided a long time ago that I would make something of myself, by my own standards. The best advice is that when you find a door on your path that will enhance you, do not hesitate to open it.

Finding yourself and falling in love yourself all over again is an amazing experience. I’m finally unapologetic for who I am and I’m done censoring myself to please those around me. A gift is that once you remove this layer you really allow others the chance to fall in love with who you are; more so, you start to finally fall in love with your self unconditionally. This all doesn’t happen by coincidence, YOU have to decide to take YOUR life to the next level! Having all of this enlightenment is happening upon the arrival of my 24th birthday, the best gift I have given myself yet.

Finally I’m ready to reconnect with the blogging world again in the most unapologetic way yet!

Scandalously & Passionately,

xoxo A.


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