Graphic Girl

Here’s a little Back-to-School Week 2 inspiration! Are you the quirky girl with tons of personality to spare? If so, this outfit is for you!

photo (34)

Project Social T “Substitute Teacher” Crop teeΒ , Fire Zip Cuff Skinny Ankle Jean Acid, Round Sunglasses (similar), Crossbody Bag (similar)

Styling Fit with A

So I try to stay as active as possible! A crazy work schedule (with a recent promotion) and going back to school, I find that a good workout has several benefits for me. Now I’m not going to get technical on you all but I’m going to let you know my “real world” benefits of working out.

  • Less stress… Eating well and working out helps keep down my stress levels. I suffer from mild anxiety so I prefer this solution versus medication.
  • Feeling good… You may feel sore but your body & mind will feel a strength like no other.
  • Looking good… When I’m regularly working out I feel more inclined to strut my stuff because I know the results are showing. I fit into clothes better and look healthy!

I like to workout at my apartment the most and you can get in a great workout at home too! What’s my secret? YouTube! I find workouts that I can do at home and make me feel the burn! Do this ab circuit (Bikini Model Fitness) in the video below 3 times! You will feel it and thank me later πŸ˜‰ Don’t forget to check out this Bikini Model Fitness Channel for more workouts you can do at home.