Style Snapshot: What I Wore to Work

photo (28)I love that it’s my job to look at the trends and breathe new life into wardrobes and getting the most use out of a closet! This week at work that’s exactly what I wanted to show! Dressing and incorporating trends shows people in REAL LIFE that trends are fun to wear and can  be incorporated into your closet. I love neon, battenburg lace,denim and vertical stripes and decided to pair them together. Lucky for me I have both already available in my closet 😉

Why does this work? Think of these pieces separately, if you hesitate to put them together… DON’T!  A look like this is all about the harmony of texture, color, and print. Right now summer trends all incorporate texture, color, and print! The tool that can pull many looks together and make them easy to wear is a denim jacket and/or denim vest. A denim jacket is my go-to for daytime. With an outfit like this I can ditch the jacket for sleek black pumps after work and I’m ready to grab a drink with a friend or even an impromtu date.

GRAB MY STYLE HERE!!! Top , Skirt  (no longer available but found another great one), Denim Jacket, and Simple Flat.


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