A Dream Deferred…

image_2Without a doubt maxi dresses are a staple to any closet. They are my go to when I want to just look elegant and not worry about many layering. Many say that they can wear a maxi dress due to height, both tall an small, that’s an understandable concern. My solution to that is a good tailor who can alter the dress for the perfect fit, or even make one for you. I’ve seen both done beautifully.image_1

 My favorite style is a maxi dress with an empire waist line. The empire waist is infamous for creating a waist and elongating any body shape. These dresses can either be belted or worn without one. Today I decided not to belt it and go for a scarf instead. The dress featured today is from Nordstrom BP and is no longer available, but her’s another great dress here. I’m OBSESSED with the ombrè on this dress! How ever you wear a maxi the look can range from dreamy and effortless to major and chic. How you like to style your maxi dress?

image_4image_5 image



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