So if you don’t follow me on Instagram yet what are you waiting for?! Check out my Instagram and follow me here! I add photos that represent my life in style, makeup, and I even share some personal photos… This week I tried necklace layering for the first time really and naturally shared it with my Instagram followers first! I’m actually falling in love with this trend and you should too because it’s a fun way to spruce up and rethink how you accessorize! You can do it by layering statement necklaces or mixing more petite necklaces to create the perfect duo or trio! In addition to my latest accessory styling, I also shared a couple of selfies (wait no I prefer to call them #ShamelessSelfies) and a quote I stumbled across that really hit close to my recent thoughts.

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New Dazzle to My Closet

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Recently I had to grab a couple of cute new shoes to spruce up my ever-changing shoe collection. While many are afraid to do their online shopping at sites like ShoeDazzle.com, I’m always excited to find a good shoe online. Most online website do offer returns, but with help from fit guides I’m usually able to order my right size the first time. I own 5 pairs of shoes from Shoe Dazzle and all have fit to my true size, US 9. While some of my shoes may be and 8.5 or 9.5, majority of the time I purchase shoes in a size 9. The other plus of getting shoes from sites like Shoe Dazzle is that you can find unique styles you won’t see paraded in every major retailer in the local mall! Even though Shoe Dazzle has undergone a makeover (the new chief stylist is Rachel Zoe) and now offers a small selection of shoes from brands like Chinese Laundry and Kelsi Dagger, they stick to the core mission to provide stylish shoes. So far I’m loving the revamped Shoe Dazzle because the prior selection was quite ghetto-faux-fab… Now it is more in-tuned with sophisticated fashion that really DAZZLES!!! Don’t wait to join, here’s a personal invite from me here!!!

The Aine is complete with reptile texture and a sleek gold heel!


 The zipper details on the Rajani is sure to turn head and make eyes green with shoe-envy.

Need a perfect strappy sandal for day or night? The Danee is a fun and versatile addition to any shoe family! Psss it also comes in brown and silver!!!

A Dream Deferred…

image_2Without a doubt maxi dresses are a staple to any closet. They are my go to when I want to just look elegant and not worry about many layering. Many say that they can wear a maxi dress due to height, both tall an small, that’s an understandable concern. My solution to that is a good tailor who can alter the dress for the perfect fit, or even make one for you. I’ve seen both done beautifully.image_1

 My favorite style is a maxi dress with an empire waist line. The empire waist is infamous for creating a waist and elongating any body shape. These dresses can either be belted or worn without one. Today I decided not to belt it and go for a scarf instead. The dress featured today is from Nordstrom BP and is no longer available, but her’s another great dress here. I’m OBSESSED with the ombrè on this dress! How ever you wear a maxi the look can range from dreamy and effortless to major and chic. How you like to style your maxi dress?

image_4image_5 image


Lilly Lashes!!!

Wearing the Lilly Lashes in Istanbul.

Wearing the Lilly Lashes in Istanbul.

A product that I’m completely loving is Lilly Lashes by Lilly Ghalichi! These lashes are super fun to wear and absolutely great quality with a good price.  All over Instagram makeup artists and makeup fanatics are raving about House of Lashes, but nevertheless Lilly Lashes are starting to create a buzz. Now this buzz is one to pay attention to… If you haven’t heard about these lashes you need to know about them!

I LOOOOVE wearing eyelashes, even though I don’t wear them daily. Eyelashes can complete a look and take it to the next level. I’ve been waiting to try Lilly Lashes for a while and finally I was able to get my hands on a couple of pairs of these babies!!! They were worth the wait! I am impressed with the quality of these lashes and how they blend in with my own lashes without much extra work. I also love the weight when I’m wearing these lashes, they are feather-light!!! The price of these lashes, $6.99. surprised me. I was anticipating for the price to be inflated just because it is a celebrity brand.photo 2 (2)

Even more awesome is that the other week I was able to attend a event at the Alene Too boutique in Boca Raton. The event was a Lilly GhalichI Trunk Show for her swimwear line and eye lashes. This is when I purchased my first, but not last, sets of Lilly Lashes. At the trunk show I met Lilly, also I met celebrity makeup artist and hair stylist Etienne Ortega. Both Lilly and Etienne were amazing to meet. They have great personalities and very happy to meet the attendees of the event. This was a completely memorable experience that I’ll never forget.

To purchase your own set of Lilly Lashes go to the website here.

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