Grunge and Glam

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I love going out at night to unwind after a busy week…

My favorite type of places to frequent are relaxed venues that don’t require formal attire. I take full advantage to dip into my favorite personal style I like to call “Grunge and Glam” when I’m exploring a more relaxed night-life experience.  This is one of my favorite looks to wear because it combines feminine and masculine elements harmoniously. For the night I wore my American Apparel Halter Neck Skater Dress, a military inspired utility jacket, and Steve Madden Tiarraa biker booties. I then accessorized with a simple black envelope clutch, spike bracelets with a simple watch, and a Versace inspired statement necklace.

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Saturday night I went to a fund raiser event at The Beat Cup Cafe in Delray Beach, Florida. The cafe is unique spot and absolute gem to step away from the usual bustle and grind of South Florida, so if you’re in the area check it out. Blow are some photos I captured of The Beat Cup Cafe while enjoying the event!

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The Nail Files: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips

This week on the nail files I must share my latest obsession, Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips! I stinking love these because they give me cute nails that are easy and festive! When these first hit the market I didn’t think to try them, but I randomly decided to give these a try. I love nail art, but I don’t necessarily always have the time or want to spend extra money to go to the nail salon and get my nails done. These strips are prices right around $10 and you can get them from a variety of stores. I purchased mine in-store at my local CVS.

For my at-home mani this week I simply applied the nail strips as the directions indicated and added an accent nail on each hand. I chose to use a Tiffany Blue like color…. It’s one of my favorite shades and perfect for spring!


While I really like this product overall naturally there are some PROS & CONS that I must lay out for you all.


The Pros:

  1. Easy to use. The directions that are included are on the ball. I sealed my strips with a clear coat to be on the safe side.
  2. Design variety, a couple of the designs caught my eye. I purchased two.
  3. Durability (mine lasted for about of week and that’s awhile for me).

The Cons:

  1. Some did not work!!! Out of a pack of 16 strips only 12 worked fully. The faulty strips did not adhere.
  2. Price in regards to quality & reliability. Simply put, no company should charge full price when a product can be this faulty. I did research and I’m not the first to encounter faulty strips.
  3. Reliability is a concern, especially for those who are looking for a full manicure and are on the go. Consumers who are on-the-go do not have time to return a faulty product.
  4. Some designs are quite cheesey. I would like to see a few more designs added that are fun minus the childish appearance like an ombre or cosmic look.

Overall I rate the product a 7 out of 10. I want to try more, but the product does need some tweaking. I really did like the design and the results from the strips that I were able to apply! My reccomendation of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips is on the fence.  If you plan on using these yourself, do beware that all of the strips may not work. Aside from that, if you’re like me and enjoy doing your manicures at home but not the best at nail designs the creation of the nail strip is from heaven!!!