+ 1 to the Party


Clearly spring is coming up, it’s a bitter-sweet time of year. Good-bye to beloved fall and winter trends and hello to the new trends that are ready to be embraced. With spring pending it’s time to start thinking about transitioning into spring. I’ll talk about the first trend that you can carry over into spring which I love.

I’m in love with layering at the moment. Why? It’s a way to be stylish without commitment to only one item. Whether it is as simple as layering a military inspired utility jacket, or inviting one more bracelet to the arm party; nevertheless, I’ve embraced layering.


An easy way to start, or revamp, an arm party is with bracelets sold in a set. You can find these sets many places. A favorite fashion treasure of mine is Target. in their accessory section you can find some real winners for your accessory collection.

Recently I grabbed 2 bracelet sets from Target (bangle set on right, mix bracelet set on lower left) both were $14.99. Whether you’re a beginner or expert in bracelet layering, bracelets sets are an amazing add to your accessory arsenal. Just wear these sets as is or add bracelets you already have to the set and just like that you have a unique & personalized arm party.

Wear your arm party while adding pops of neon, like a neon denim, into your spring wardrobe and you’re on your way into chic transitioning. Metallics and neons are the best of friends of this spring. The pair give a futuristic and fresh look compared to the usual florals and pastels we see in spring.


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