Make a Statement Under $25

I’ve been sprucing up the ole denim and tee-shirt routine with statement necklaces.  Don’t be hesitant about this trend that has been around for awhile. I must say that it is something that creates so much elegance and brings interest to an outfit like no other. All of these necklaces featured below are under $25! While I adore the trendy jewelry on the higher end I know how to appreciate getting the trend at a fraction of the price… You can have the glitz n glam without breaking your bank account!

Want what you see?! Necklaces are listed from left to right starting with the top row, just click on the name and drop it in the basket!Statement

Bejeweled Mesh Chain, Multitoned Spiked, Sunburst Statement, Stone Statement, Two-Toned Chain, Super Glitz, Neon Triangle Charm, Stone Boomerang, Beaded Statement, Classy Pearlescent Statement

photo (16)

Me styling the featured Bejeweled Mesh Chain Statement Necklace, completely in style lust with this one!

xoxo Anissa!

I’m not affiliated with companies selling these goods, nor am I benefiting from any purchases made from link clicks.


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