The Oscars… Beautified

Going through the pictures that recap the red carpet appearances, we all notice the dresses. The daring, glamorous, and classic from all of the most coveted designers. But the question piercing my mind isn’t “who are they wearing?” it’s more about the beauty… “Why this beauty look for the evening, and how can we (non-celebs) incorporate it into our special events we attend?”

Barely there makeup was seen on so many celebs in attendance, like Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway below. The goal is a completely natural look that just highlights and perfects natural features. It creates a youthful and fresh appearance. Add a gentle lip color, like a natural nude pink, to complete the look! Want to learn how to achieve this look? Check out my tutorial here

Soft smokey eye… This is a subtle enhancement to the eyes, with out going all the way to the black smokey eye. Soft smokey eyes are fierce and chic, unlike the complete opposite that we see overdone on The Jersey Shore . Be soft and elegant, yet simply seductive, like Zoe Saldana and Amanda Seyfried, by rocking this look.



Gleaming bombshells turn heads with natural glow. Like Maria Menunos and Stacy Keibler with just a dash of a glowing highlight along the cheeks, brow bone, nose, and chin. This is one of my favorite highlighters to achieve this look here! Achieve this rich look by adding a softly defined & shimmery eye.



Oh that classic red! A classic red lip is always a greatly choice for special events. Look stunning and timeless by finding the perfect shade of red like Jessica Chastain and Giuliana Rancic did below and pairing it with plush lashes. #InstaGlamour!



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+ 1 to the Party


Clearly spring is coming up, it’s a bitter-sweet time of year. Good-bye to beloved fall and winter trends and hello to the new trends that are ready to be embraced. With spring pending it’s time to start thinking about transitioning into spring. I’ll talk about the first trend that you can carry over into spring which I love.

I’m in love with layering at the moment. Why? It’s a way to be stylish without commitment to only one item. Whether it is as simple as layering a military inspired utility jacket, or inviting one more bracelet to the arm party; nevertheless, I’ve embraced layering.


An easy way to start, or revamp, an arm party is with bracelets sold in a set. You can find these sets many places. A favorite fashion treasure of mine is Target. in their accessory section you can find some real winners for your accessory collection.

Recently I grabbed 2 bracelet sets from Target (bangle set on right, mix bracelet set on lower left) both were $14.99. Whether you’re a beginner or expert in bracelet layering, bracelets sets are an amazing add to your accessory arsenal. Just wear these sets as is or add bracelets you already have to the set and just like that you have a unique & personalized arm party.

Wear your arm party while adding pops of neon, like a neon denim, into your spring wardrobe and you’re on your way into chic transitioning. Metallics and neons are the best of friends of this spring. The pair give a futuristic and fresh look compared to the usual florals and pastels we see in spring.

The Fashion Prescription that Cures

The good doctor always prescribes colorblocking for the novice fashionista! Today while in my lunch break I wondered through my local Forever 21 and these beautiful wedges caught my eye. They’re simply colorblocked so they’re easy to introduce into your existing wardrobe. Try these with a cream shirt and a denim in your favorite wash and VIOLÀ! Buy these here!

Make a Statement Under $25

I’ve been sprucing up the ole denim and tee-shirt routine with statement necklaces.  Don’t be hesitant about this trend that has been around for awhile. I must say that it is something that creates so much elegance and brings interest to an outfit like no other. All of these necklaces featured below are under $25! While I adore the trendy jewelry on the higher end I know how to appreciate getting the trend at a fraction of the price… You can have the glitz n glam without breaking your bank account!

Want what you see?! Necklaces are listed from left to right starting with the top row, just click on the name and drop it in the basket!Statement

Bejeweled Mesh Chain, Multitoned Spiked, Sunburst Statement, Stone Statement, Two-Toned Chain, Super Glitz, Neon Triangle Charm, Stone Boomerang, Beaded Statement, Classy Pearlescent Statement

photo (16)

Me styling the featured Bejeweled Mesh Chain Statement Necklace, completely in style lust with this one!

xoxo Anissa!

I’m not affiliated with companies selling these goods, nor am I benefiting from any purchases made from link clicks.