Website of the Month January 2013

So I’m going to start sharing a site that I really love to shop on each month. I know when it comes to online shopping there is are still some skeptics or those who just don’t know which websites can truly satisfy your shopping needs. Any website I feature will be one with which I’ve purchased at least one thing from in the last year. I do quite a bit of online shopping because I can find unique products, good deals, and for convenience purposes… Honestly who has hours to spend in the mall for every single purchase?! Don’t get me wrong a girl still loves instant gratification, but sometimes shopping from my bed is AMAZING!!!

Drum-roll please!!!!

BH Cosmetics is my online store of the month!!! I have several palettes and brushes from this site and I have yet to regret giving this gem a try. What I like about the website is that it usually runs a variety of promotions and you rarely ever have to pay their MSRP aka full price. Shipping is always amazing with them because it is usually quick, when not at peak seasons. Product quality is also something I really like about them. I can use their shadows with pigments and shadows that I already own which are not by the same company with zero hassle. I have a few of their brushes and I also must say that I enjoy these, their duo fiber brush is one of my favorites. A must from this site is their 28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette, you can and will use this everyday!!! Just don’t forget to use a primer with your shadow.

So if you haven’t checked out this website or have been hesitant to buy from them, go ahead click the picture below and enjoy!!!



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